Virtual Office


Our Virtual Office provides entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies with a range of virtual office services to enhance their professional image and operational efficiency. 



Free Access to Meeting Rooms

(4 Meetings per month, 48 Meetings in one year)

What You'll Get

Package Includes

Front Desk Services

Our Front Desk Services help businesses create a professional and organized image, regardless of their size or physical presence, allowing them to focus on their core operations while ensuring an efficient and courteous customer experience.

Office Address

By using our Office Address, businesses can establish a strong and credible business identity in a prime location, which can be a significant advantage when it comes to building trust with clients and partners.

Mailing Address

We will also receives and manages incoming mail and packages on behalf of clients, ensuring secure storage and timely notifications for pick-up or forwarding.

Projector on Site

Our Meeting Rooms with Projects are ideal for businesses and teams that need a dedicated, project-focused space to brainstorm, plan, and strategize.

Meeting Room Access

Depending on the arrangement, clients may also have access to meeting rooms or coworking spaces at the Zahari Workspace location, allowing them to conduct in-person meetings when necessary.

Professional Business Image

Clients can project a professional and established image by having a renowned business address on their marketing materials, website, and correspondence.


Certain requirements need to be met to be eligible for this package

Head Office

Zahari Building, Plot 15, Orchid Road, Off Chevron Toll Gate, Lekki, Lagos.

Mailing Address


Business Talk

+234 090 7301 3359
+234 907 126 9649