Fully Furnished Offices

Whether you’re a Freelancer, Entrepreneur, or small business looking for an inspiring workspace, we offer modern and comfortable spaces to help you get the job done.


Meeting & Training Rooms

Our Meeting and Training Rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and amenities, such as HDTV displays, audio/visual equipment, comfortable seating. Comes with Coffee and Snacks too


Business Address

Zahari offers the best Business Address solutions. Leverage on our platform to receive goods and services, as well as meet with your clients when needed.

Private Offices


CEO Office

Our CEO's office is the perfect office to make your business look good. It checks all the boxes!!
Daily Rate: ₦40,000
Monthly Rate: ₦400,000

Deluxe Office

The ambiance of the Deluxe offices
is unbeatable which helps you to focus on getting things done
Daily Rate: ₦30,000
Monthly Rate: ₦350,000

Deluxe Office

It is designed to ensure minimal distractions and interruptions, allowing you to focus on your work with utmost concentration.
Daily Rate: ₦30,000
Monthly Rate: ₦350,000

Private Offices


Deluxe Office

[ Semi Private ]
It features stylish and high-quality furnishings, including a premium desk, ergonomic chair, and luxurious seating options for meetings or relaxation.
Daily Rate: ₦25,000
Monthly Rate: ₦250,000

Deluxe Office

[ Semi Private ]
The ambiance of a Deluxe offices
is unbeatable which allows you to focus on getting things done
Daily Rate: ₦25,000
Monthly Rate: ₦250,000

Premium Office

We give your company the edge to work the way you want and help your business thrive. Our Premium Offices offer comfort, convenience, and save cost too.
Daily Rate: ₦15,000
Monthly Rate: ₦200,000

Shared Offices


One-Man Desk

Get a dedicated desk in our open-plan workspace. You can also keep it flexible with 10 days per month if your team needs a workspace.
Daily Rate: ₦8,500
Monthly Rate: ₦100,000


Our Workstations are cost-efficient, professional office spaces designed to improve your business experience.
Daily Rate: N/A
Monthly Rate: N/A

Hot Desk

Get full access to our Hot desking zone and open spaces, as often as you like. Hourly or daily Payments are acceptable.
Hourly Rate: ₦1,500
Daily Rate: ₦4,000

Meeting Rooms

Zahari coworking space

Conference Room

Seats 10 People
Our Conference Rooms is equipped with the latest technology and amenities like as HDTV displays, comfortable seating, and more.
Hourly Rate: ₦25,000
Daily Rate: ₦144,000

Mind Congress Meeting Room

Seats 5+ People
Mind Congress meeting room is designed for your private or formal meetings.
Hourly Rate: ₦10,000
Daily Rate: ₦72,000

Viewpoint Meeting Room

Seats 3 People
The Viewpoint meeting room has been carefully designed. The room is fully air-conditioned with very comfortable seating.
Hourly Rate: ₦5,000
Daily Rate: ₦36,000

Training Rooms


Strategy Arena

Challenge your thinking with weekly virtual and digital events in our inspiring Rooms.
Hourly Rate: ₦12,000
Daily Rate: ₦86,000

Focus Faction

Seats 30 People
Enjoy our inviting learning environment equipped with all the essentials for an optimal Training experience.
Hourly Rate: ₦45,000
Daily Rate: ₦120,000

Movie Space

Zahari Offices are not only ideal for working but also for shooting movies due to our advanced and comprehensive facilities.

Zahari Co Working Space

A virtual office is part of the flexible workspace industry that provides businesses with any combination of services, space and/or technology, without those businesses bearing the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office.
Why not Visit Zahari Workspace Virtual Office in Lekki to sign up and feel the many advantages of a Virtual Office. We also offer virtual assistance to business owners all over the world.
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