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Our Virtual Office provides entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies with a range of virtual office services to enhance their professional image and operational efficiency. 



Free Access to Meeting Rooms

(4 Meetings per month, 48 Meetings in one year)

What You'll Get

Package Includes

Front Desk Services

Our Front Desk Services help businesses create a professional and organized image, regardless of their size or physical presence, allowing them to focus on their core operations while ensuring an efficient and courteous customer experience.

Office Address

By using our Office Address, businesses can establish a strong and credible business identity in a prime location, which can be a significant advantage when it comes to building trust with clients and partners.

Mailing Address

We will also receives and manages incoming mail and packages on behalf of clients, ensuring secure storage and timely notifications for pick-up or forwarding.

Projector on Site

Our Meeting Rooms with Projects are ideal for businesses and teams that need a dedicated, project-focused space to brainstorm, plan, and strategize.

Meeting Room Access

Depending on the arrangement, clients may also have access to meeting rooms or coworking spaces at the Zahari Workspace location, allowing them to conduct in-person meetings when necessary.

Professional Business Image

Clients can project a professional and established image by having a renowned business address on their marketing materials, website, and correspondence.

Reasons to Subscribe to

Zahari Business Address Package

Say goodbye to lounging at home or Zooming in your pajamas, and hello to the heights of professionalism! Upgrade your hustle game with our Coworking Space Business Address Package – because a successful business deserves an A-list address!

Prime Location

Zahari Coworking, nestled in the heart of Lekki, by Chevron Office Lagos, offers a business address in one of the most dynamic and sought-after locations. This prime location instantly boosts the prestige and reputation of your business.

Lekki's Business Hub

Lekki is a thriving business hub with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. Subscribing to Zahari Coworking's Business Address package aligns your business with the energy and growth potential of this bustling area.

Credibility Enhancement

Establish credibility in the business community. A Lekki address from Zahari Coworking signals to clients, partners, and stakeholders that your business is part of a dynamic and reputable professional environment.

Efficient Mail Handling

Benefit from our efficient mail handling services. We ensure that your business correspondence is handled with care, providing a reliable solution for receiving and managing important documents.

Free Meetings

You get access to our Meeting Rooms for Free, 4X per Month. Meetings Rooms are fully equipped with Projectors and Video Conferencing.

Privacy and Security

Safeguard your personal address. By subscribing to Zahari Coworking's Business Address package, you maintain the privacy of your Residential address while enjoying the benefits of a central business location.

Legal Compliance

Stay compliant with regulatory requirements. Many business registrations and official documents necessitate a physical address. Zahari Coworking ensures your business adheres to these legal standards.

Integration with Online Presence

Seamlessly integrate your Lekki business address into your online presence. Whether it's your website, Link Tree page, or social media profiles, maintain a consistent brand image across all platforms.

Networking Opportunities

Join a thriving business community. Zahari Coworking fosters networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with like-minded professionals, potential clients, and collaborators within Lekki's dynamic business landscape.

Brand Recognition

Enhance brand recognition in Lekki. Zahari Coworking's Business Address becomes an asset in your marketing strategy, contributing to a positive brand image and increased visibility within the local market.

Flexibility and Convenience

Enjoy the flexibility of a central business address, especially beneficial for businesses with remote or mobile teams. Our Business Address package offers convenience while presenting a professional front.

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Zahari Business Address Package

Virtual Offices

Free Access to Meeting Rooms (4 Meetings per month, 48 Meetings in one year)


Certain requirements need to be met to be eligible for this package

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Zahari Building, Plot 15, Orchid Road, Off Chevron Toll Gate, Lekki, Lagos.

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+234 090 7301 3359
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