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About Zahari
Co-Working Space in Lekki

Zahari Workspace offers a unique Co-working Space in Lekki that provides fully-equipped offices with many benefits for your Business, including Conference Room, Meeting and Training Rooms, as well as a Virtual Office, the perfect Business Address for your company.

Zahari Workspace is a professional upscale Co-Working Space designed to inspire you. We are built with the unique idea that people work better in comfortable environments.

We offer privacy as well as a Space to connect and relax. Zahari Co-working space is not only a place to call your own, but also a lovely work environment like you’ve never seen before.

We have all the essentials needed for you to successfully run your business. From state-of-the-art technology to Office Assistant and flexible payments, we’ve got you covered. All you need is your computer. We’ll take care of the rest.

Co-Working Packages All Inclusive plans, with flexible terms starting at Daily or Quarterly payments. 
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Amazing Meeting and Training Rooms near you

Avoid Lagos traffic, save yourself the stress of commuting on Lekki expressway, if you live at Chevron, Ikota, VGC and Ajah environ.

Book your meeting appointments in a convenient location near you, only at Zahari Workspace, the Co-working Space in Lekki.

Here you’ll find brave minds and companies defining the future of how we work, transact, dress, relax, watch and ultimately, learn.

Our modern offices are located in a nice mixed-use Commercial and Residential environment, on Orchid Road, close to Chevron Toll Gate, Lekki , Lagos Nigeria.

Co-Working Spaces in Lekki that suit your taste

Your workspace says a lot about your business. Make potential clients confident in you and your business with our professional and unique offices. 

Zahari Coworking Space creates a work environment where collaboration Ana creativity allows you to work where, when and how you choose.

Zahari Workspace Benefits:

Seek growth together through coworking. We offer a work environment that meets all your business needs.

• Fully furnished Offices
• Power
• Unlimited Internet
• Front Desk Services
• Saves Overhead cost
• Business Centre
• Convenient
• Zero set up time

Competitive Rates:

Save up to 60% on costs compared to an office space for rent. Achieve a better work-life balance with a Zahari workspace platform. Do you need a flexible lease for your office space? One and check out Zahari Workspace and join a community that works the way you do!

Why should you visit a Co-Working Space in Lekki?

The days of struggling to rent, build or own traditional offices before starting a business are dying fast. Indeed, availability of co-working spaces has made it possible for many small and medium businesses to kick off and run efficiently.

Asides the workspace offered, other basic needs such as electricity and internet are often inclusive of their payment packages. Needless to say, the benefits of co-working spaces cannot be over-emphasized. This could be a pointer to why most incubation hubs in Nigeria also offer co-working spaces as part of their incubation plans.

With offices at Lekki, Zahari Workspace is another facility that provides co-working spaces. Asides providing the workspace for entrepreneurs, the co-working facility operates a collaborative community for independent professionals – entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators alike.

Zahari Workspace is a Co-working space that not only provides top-notch amenities but is also dedicated to building a community of startups, investors and relevant stakeholders in the every industry imaginable. By working with other individuals and exposing yourself to new perspectives, co-working spaces can provide bursts of creativity Sometimes, switching spaces and heading to a new office can allow you to refresh your mind, gather your thoughts and consider alternative solutions to business problems.

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